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A ‘Corvette Recycling’ Dream Car - 2001 C5 parts car with only 900 miles!!

A ‘Corvette Recycling’ Dream Car - 2001 C5 parts car with only 900 miles!!

There is the Corvette that I dream about … and then there is the Corvette that is a dream car for my business. The two are obviously different. My dreams are very different, but I’m still extremely excited about the 2001 C5 Corvette Coupe I just purchased for parts. The dreamy thing is, I got it after it had been driven for only 900 miles, which seems like an impossibly low number of miles for used Corvette parts. But the nearly new car was wrecked and unfortunately a large piece of wood came through the dash – thankfully no one was injured – rendering it unrepairable.

While the Corvette has changed hands a couple of times as enthusiasts hoped to perform a miracle, it ultimately has become a great addition to our inventory. For C5 Corvette parts, you would be hard-pressed to find any that are more pristine including a clear Targa top, the manual transmission, almost perfectly new seats and interior components, full suspension, and ECBM (Electronic Brake Control Module) SB version. As used Corvette parts go, this car is cherry!

Just remember, when looking for used Corvette parts for your baby, you can count on Corvette Recycling. Every one of our used Corvette parts goes through our quality control process where parts are removed, and inspected by our experienced technicians from the best low-mileage cars we can find. Whether it’s a C5 with only 800 miles, or another Vette that has been driven a bit longer, all used Corvette parts at Corvette Recycling have to meet our exacting standards.

Corvette Recycling – you’ve found your solution for quality used Corvette parts.