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Is an EV Corvette Coming Soon?

Since 2019, when an all-electric Genovation GXE 800HP converted Corvette set a world speed record for fastest street legal electric car at 210.2 MPH, we’ve wondered if an assembly-line EV Corvette was in the making. And ever since the 2020 release of the current C-8 generation model, rumors have only increased.So what’s up? Well, we know this, GM does not comment on speculation. And why should they? We love to whisper and wonder. One of the best things in American sports car history is the Vette mystery. For decades its fans have speculated about what is coming next. Only recently, we all remember how the mid-engine rumors began, and you can now bring one home ... or at least get on a long list to bring one home.But we do know that GM confirmed in March they were developing 12 new electric models, all based on its Ultium component set. So we know GM has a strong commitment to EV. While a Corvette was not among them, rumors are so strong that a hybrid model is in development that we know its name – Zora. And despite the fact it is “speculation” the hybrid seems to have a target date for the 2023 model year.

Get ready. We’re sure to find out more in the coming years while having fun looking for spy cam photos and enjoying EV anticipation. After all, “speculation” is part of what brings some of the mystic to the country’s favorite sports car.